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?worth replacing Rotel RA-820BX4 amp

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by sorekneerunrun, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. sorekneerunrun

    sorekneerunrun Standard Member

    Jun 7, 2010
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    I have a rotel RA-820BX4 amp , marantz CD52 (used less these days as ipod lossless via cambridge ID50 dock set up) with acoustic energy aesprit 300 speakers. The amp was bought about 20 yrs ago and recently has developed a fault with aux line input, but make do with tape input instead for ipod. I see recent reviews re newer amps eg marantz PM6003 rotel Ra-04SE....Has amp technology moved so far as to make an amp change worthwhile, or should i stick with the old rotel which is aging but with performance I've always enjoyed? Getting a remote for the amp would be nice but is it worth upgrading? I live about 90mins from hifi shop so not easy to audition....
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  2. Don Dadda

    Don Dadda Well-known Member

    Sep 20, 2007
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    Hi Sorekneerunrun,

    I dont know about leaps and bounds of improvement but definitely improved components are being used with todays amplifiers which are more widely available and cheaper. With these inproved components should come a improved sound. Probaby improved ones of which were used in the higher end amps of yesteryears, which more than likely cost an arm and leg to purchase then.

    If you do decide to buy a new amp and since you enjoy your current sound, look at todays Rotel equvilent. I don't know if the RA -04se is it, but its a good place to start.

    But for the same price there is a very good deal at richersounds on a very good amp which has more power, but i believe it will give a different sound to the rotel.

    Nad C355BEE Titanium | Stereo Amplifier | Richer Sounds

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