worth paying extra for 3D?


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About to buy an LG 60" plasma. The 2D version costs around £1200, the 3D around £1000 more. Is it worth paying extra, do people feel that 3D will take off? I dont watch many films, but i do use the PS3.

What are peoples views on 3D?


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In my opinion, no (and certainly not £1000 more)

Sky 3D only just launched
Only about 20 3D films out on Blu Ray
As far as I know, about 5 3D games (PS3)
Issues about whether the tech,in its current format, will survive.

I'm of the opinion now that I'm going to get a good mid-upper range 2D tv and perhaps look to upgrade to 3D/Holodeck in the next 3-5 years. Current 2D TV would then act as workstation monitor/bedroom TV or something.

Hope that doesn't sound too blunt and happy to be contradicted. Happy shopping! :)


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also i have the problem of what i'd do with a 'spare' 60" tv in the future. I think the wife would think it was overkill for the bedroom:laugh:

I guess your comments on the current 3D technology are true though. I guess in a few years if 3D is still around then there will be technology that will enable you to view it without the glasses. Think i heard Sony are working on this.

p.s. just doing some online checking the LG60pk590 is around £1250 and the 3D 60PX990 is £1790. Prices are falling all the time, i only checked the 3D version last week and its dropped by a few hundred pounds!
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