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I need to get a SCART to s-video + 2 phono cable. Because of the way I have my equipment set up the s-video part of the cable and the 2 phonos need to go in different directions. Also the s-video part needs to be about 1m longer (2.5m in total) than the phonos.

Is it worth getting this custom made or should I just get a standard one? I guess I'd have to pull the phono leads part of the cable away from the video lead part so I can take them in different directions - any problems doing this?

Any recommendations for where to go for custom made if I were to go that route (wouldn't want to spend over 50 quid)?




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I was after a lead like that years ago and never managed to find one, In the end i made one up myself.

When you say a standard one, I`m guessing you mean scart to four phono`s and S/Video both ways ? If so your still not going to get one with a different length on the S/Video part.

I think you would be better off getting one specially made.

Joe Fernand

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Our good friend at VanDamme often build 'non equal' multicore cables for us so no problem supplying what your after; and should be within budget too.

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