Worth buying surround sound headphones for portable DVD player?

Discussion in 'Video Streaming Boxes & Services' started by Biccy, May 2, 2005.

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    Hi. Have just bought a Panasonc DVD-LS50 portable DVD player at the weekend & bought a pair of Sony in-ear stereo headphones to get me by for the moment. I was wondering about buying some surround sound headphones too (for use with my normal lounge set-up as well as portable dvd player). My query is wether or not they'd work properly with my portable. It sais on the panasonic website that the DD & DTS decoders are 2 channel, would that mean that the headphones wouldn't produce the proper surround sound effect compared to headphones connected to my lounge amplifier? or would the digital optical out send the DVD sound to any decoder that comes with speakers to give 5.1? Sorry if its a silly Q but as the headphones would be used mainly with portable it will effect main reason to buy/not to buy. Thanks.

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