worth buying ps2 now or later.



Hey guys, :hiya:

I know....... Where have i been???

it's only now I’m thinking of buying a PS2 and have shopped around most places are selling it for £109 with one to two games thrown in there for free.....

EBay have got some really good deals too £100/150 for console, 2 controllers, memory card and 10 or more games........ (Obviously 2nd hand but OK)

My question is should i wait for the release of PS3, as prices of PS2 will go down? or should I just get one now?

PS3 is out of the equation as I’m not a hardcore gaming fan and cant afford it anyway, so it a question of when to buy a PS2.....

be grateful of you opinion.



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If your not afraid of the problems its possible to occur by using ebay, then Id say go for that. The Game stores (Game/Gamestation etc) are all selling Ps2 games preowned at amazing prices, allowing you to pick up some of the classic titles for hardly anything these days.

The one thing Id say is make sure you get the slimline, its quieter and has a more robust dvd drive, not to mention its newer and therefore has more than likely had less playtime.

Plus it looks nicer :)


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And the slimline has a built in ethernet port for online of course.....

I personally would get one from one of the gamestores. They usually give some sort of guarantee.


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another vote for the games stores here :thumbsup:

You get a good warranty and choice of games. Used console and used games makes good money sense.




I just bought one this week for £60 inc. GT4. very pleased i took the plunge so would recommend it to anyone thinking about it, have also just won WRC4 on ebay for £1 :)

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