Worth buying from Pixmania?


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I'd like to get an up-to-date view on these guys, I'm about to sink about £450 into buying a DSLR off Pixmania, and I'm not a man to be messed around with when it comes to delivery times etc etc.

However, I have heard complaints about them too. So I'm not sure where to go with these guys.

Cheers lads.


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I've bought a few things off them in the past and they are generally cheap. However, after a bad experience (with ordering a TV), their complaints department was awful. It took a month to sort out, with several different people giving conflicting information, denying what it said on the website (even when I was reading the page over the phone to them because they couldn't find it). I asked several times to speak to their manager and was informed either they were out, on holiday or that I could not speak to them and point blank refused to pass my request on. After over a month later, I managed to get a refund.
As I said, I had used them in the past and they are relatively cheap and I appreciate this is just one story and I appreciate a lot of people have had good service, so you might be lucky. I might still use them for low value products to save a few pennies, but personally I wouldn't use them for higher end electronics.



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Thanks Jason I appreciate the response. I'm in quite a bind now as their 5% off photo products ends today and it would work out saving out a healthy £25.



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and I'm not a man to be messed around with when it comes to delivery times etc etc

I wouldn't recommend them then in that case.
I ordered an amp from them and basically they took ages, after constantly fobbing me off with excuses.
I came to the conclusion they simply didn't have it in stock.


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I've been lucky with them - no big issues.

My girlfriend however ordered a Sony Laptop from them though a couple of years back and it did take a couple of days longer to arrive than it should have done.
would not touch them. had bad experience with them, and their customer service - OMG !!!


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Low-cost on-line shops are most likely to have issues:
1) if the item is very popular with tight stock supply,
2) Returns are not high-priority - maybe staff in ratio 1:20
I understand they are part of the Dixons Group - anyone confirm this?
Yeah they're owned by Dixons, I bought my first DSLR a Sony A300 off them 4 years back and didn't have any issues, and also bought an Olympus E620 on finance without issues, not used them for a while though.


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Well they gave me a camera which included european power cables and French, German, Italian and Dutch manuals, but no english instruction booklet. They did at least give me a EU to UK adapter. I would have appreciated being unformed of this before I bought the camera, well at least when I conplained they sent me a photocopy or print out of the english manual ringbound, which is not as good as the Canon supplied ones.
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