Worth buying a scaler for an LG 50PX4D...?


Hey there, I got an LG 50PX4D recently, am pretty happy with it, it does HD material very well, xbox 360 looks brilliant through it.

SD material is abit hit and miss though. Recently purchased an Oppo 971H and output at 720p but the image isn't quite as good as what I'd hoped for, I'm not too bothered about it though considering the price I paid its by no means bad its just very average. Playstation 2 connected with a good quality component lead looks bloody awful to be honest though :(

Was wondering if it would be worth buying a scaler primarily for DVD playback and Sky.

I'm not exactly sure the true benefits of one though. I'm sure the internal processing of this plasma isn't very good (obviously nowhere near the likes of anything panny\fujitsu etc)...

So does that mean that someone in my position has the most to benefit from a scaler?

Does a scaler have any other use for HD material, can it improve the pic say for the xbox 360, or a HDDVD player down the road etc etc...I guess i'm asking, does it just scale the picture to a certain res, can it they all handle different frequencies without converting them etc....

Thanks for any advice :)

EDIT (As you may be able to tell I'm not really sure what I'm talking about, so please assume your talking to a retard...could be true...ummm and also a model recommendation would be good, thanks)


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well while there will be a benefit in terms of PQ with a Video processor it depends on how much your prepared to pay for the imporvement, an iscan HD/HD+ or lumagen vision/ vision DVi could make a decent difference to SD sources and help some HD sources too with prices going from £300-£700 its up to you but you be better to wait and then replace with a panny/Fujitsu panel in a couple of years or if you want the very best from your 50" LG then £1500 for a VP + ISF calibration will get the very best image it can produce


Cheers mate, I don't mind spending up to around £500, second hand if neccesary.

The main reason I was thinking it might be a good idea other than for the obvious benefits is that when it comes to upgrading to a new panel I can keep it, or sell it and not lose too much, as I would assume that they don't lose their value to the same degree a plasma would?

Is it a silly idea? (I know you don't like those sort of big questions)

thanks :)
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