Worst Music Ever?


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Earlier I worked out that I have been a subscriber for over 5 years. And ever since being a member I quite like the EPG music. I know it isn't good, but I enjoy jigging around to it while surfing the EPG.

To my Horror on the 6th of January I turned on the EPG to the most hideous afront to music I have ever heard. In fact each song got progressively worse, and everyone in the house agrees.

Who likes the new music. And who wants to join me in getting sky to return to the tunes they had before the Christmas Music (which was also the wrost christmas selection I have heard them use):oops:


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The thing that gets me is all these reality shows on what is supposed to be MUSIC Television Channels. Take for instance, a certain channel used to play chilled out music at 4 in the morning. This was a great way to start the morning before work. I know this as i get up at 4 for work. All i get now is The Real World,Cribs,Pimp my Heap of sh!t and so on. Get it together. Lets have MUSIC, on MUSIC channels.


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I wish you kept the audio from the channel you were last watching when entering the EPG.

PIP would be even better too!

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