worst movie you watched ?


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Michael Jackson - Moonwalker.

I fell asleep, in the cinema, and snored. Apparently people were staring :D


Battlefield Earth, watching John Travolta speak some kind of Klingon for 2 hours was torture.

Solomon Grundy

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Ali with Will Smith. Closely followed by Mulholland Drive.


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Probably controvertial choices but at the cinema my worst experiences were Matrix Reloaded and Lost in Translation. Both were really hyped, and I was really keen for the Matrix sequel being a big Matrix fan, but came out of both films so bored :boring: Didn't help that after LiT I had a chinese takeaway and got the worst food poisining I've ever had - not a great evening all in all.

Definately the two movie tickets I would most want refunded.


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I watched Children of Men last night. Awful.

During the mid - late eighties, I watched some real howlers though, mostly from a bloke that used to go door to door with Sierra estate full of VHS tapes.

Some that spring to mind:

They Live
The Stuff
Life Force


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Still waiting for the story to start........Awfully bad
I want that 2 hours of my life back

John 1987

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The one that springs to mind most recently has to be New Moon.

Even my girlfriend apologised, almost from the very start of the film.

Bill Hicks

Have to agree AI bored the pants off me, as well as Out of Sight & Oceans 11. In fact every Steven Soderbergh film I've seen has been a masterclass in Cool over entertainment! :thumbsdow

Ed Selley

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I've watched a number of films that are terrible- The Stuff, Supernova, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Shark Attack 3-the one where John Barrowman makes the most suprising sexual come on in history. All of these films know they are terrible though. They are so awful that they are actually entertaining.

As such Jerry Maguire is the worst film ever. It is absolutely and utterly unredeemably terrible. I want to skin the entire cast alive and dip them in salt, pausing only to remove Tom Cruise's eyes with a spoon.

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