worrying trend with gamecube




at the weekend i went to buy sonic gems, blockbuster i thought, but they are not selling new gc games!!! So i went to the cumbernauld branch, no joy either, then to Tesco, nope not selling them either, then as a last resort Asda.

Whats happening??? whats the script, have Tesco, Asda and Blockbuster stopped selling GC games.

ps i got it in game, but is this the start of the end, (sniff) like my beloved dreamcast?


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Your going to have to rely on online retailers or games retailers from now on. You might see the main supermarkets stock Zelda: Twilight Princess for obvious reasons :rolleyes:.


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Chanser said:
You might see the main supermarkets stock Zelda: Twilight Princess for obvious reasons :rolleyes:.

Somehow I doubt that even, considering hardly any shops even stocked the classic Resident Evil 4. Now that was a crime! :devil:


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Nintendo UK ****ed that one up royally, didn't get enough stock out, I wouldn't worry about lack of support in shops, you're best of ordering online


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i must admit i noticed very few shops stocking Gamecube now, or if they do its like the Top 5 games....lol

i would imagine its because their is far more chance a kid shopping with his mum is gonna have a PS2 or X-Box and the 'mumiwantthatgamepleasenow' factor wins over the shops the most......lol

also Nintendo games rarely go down in price at all i've noticed.....PS2 and X-Box u often see with a sale sticker on, but almost never Nintendo, its like the shops were told to sell at full value only or u dont get stock...so they said dont send the stock then..lol


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It's just down to making shelf space profitable. In a shop why stock it with games that will only sell a trickle of units when you can pack them full of games for other consoles that will fly off the shelf. Your only real bet is indie retaillers who perhaps are more interested in gaming and a bit less interested in just pure profit or as people have said, online.


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ebay's probably your best bet for the older titles. I used ebay to complete my DC collection (still not finished) and I can imagine I'll be doing the same with the GC!

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