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Yesterday I i got some grocery and had a few carry bags which i kepyt on the floor at the different shops i visited, once at home i kept all the bags in the garden in the sunlight for 1 hour. Latter i got them in and while sorting my stuff i acciedently went to smell a used bag if it was smelling of fish but it touched my nose i am so worried that i may have cotacted coronavirus and also tensed as i am heart patiend and look after my aged father. I am so tensed


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The odds of you becoming infected that way are very small.

If you're really concerned then practice social distancing and good hygiene at home as best you can. Then request a test (or tests) to eliminate all doubt. Be pragmatic and there should be no need to panic.


No reported case worldwide of anyone becoming infected from food packaging

You'll be fine

BTW, the last place you want to be putting your bags is on the supermarket floors
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