Worried I overloaded speakers


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I just accidentally had my volume jump up to 0 while watching a show on my Apple TV. My amp can output 110w per channel, and I have Focal 826D pair, Focal Chora center, Focal 806 rears, Polk PSW10. It was at that volume (which seemed excruciatingly loud in my apt’s living room >.<) for about 3-6 seconds as I fumbled with my phone to change the volume, then giving up and running up to hit the receiver’s power button.

I didn’t hear any pops, but I think I could hear distortion or the woofers physically making sound/vibrating. Things seem fine now, but I’m still worried this did something? It seems like the Focal’s max watts is 200-250, so would that mean, even though this was insanely loud, that it shouldn’t hurt the speakers?


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I wouldn't worry too much, you're highly unlikely to have damaged them at all.

If the amp was driven to the point of clipping the signal then theoretically the resultant distortion can damage tweeters but this is not instantaneous. This however is unlikely at 0dB volume unless you have positive trim levels AND it happened to be playing back huge transient peaks at the time this happened.

Maybe use the maximum volume limiter in the AVR (if it has one) to prevent this from happening again. That's what I do in both my AVRs to prevent my adult children from doing anything silly.


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Bigger concern is the amp changing volume,.did you sit on the remote?

If it changes by itself that is a bigger concern I've had that myself

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