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Worried about PS3 on the slipper slope...


Established Member
Over the last month or so we've been having some issues with the PS3.

When we turn it on it either

a) whirls, lights flash as expected..... but then nothing appears on screen and welcome tune doesn't play. Have to turn off and turn back on again.

b) whirls, lights flash as expected, welcome splash screen shows and tune plays but it hideously blocky and can't read text... Turn off, back on again.

c) whirls, lights flash as expected, welcome splash screen shows and tune plays but it sounds awful, scratchy horrible noise.... Turn off, back on again.

d) Starts and operates fine.

We get a variety of these and sometimes just have to power cycle once, sometimes twice, on occasion three times before it starts properly. Once going there are no issues at all.

We've had the PS3 for about 18 months now (got it from Woolworths) and it's used almost ever day for watching Blu-rays, and occasional gaming. I'm just waiting for the day where it will die completely.... :(

Does anyone else have any of these issues? Was it terminal?




Prominent Member
That doesnt sound to good mate!
I f i were you, id back up the gamesaves onto a USB stick, then do a full system format/restore.
If it's still playing up after that, then you should probably try & trade it in and get yourself a new 120gb model. :smashin:


Standard Member
What you described is exactly what happened when I got my first Yellow Light of Death.

Dont keep turning it on and off, it makes it worse trust me. Turn it on once and try and get as much data backed up as you can, then just leave it and trade in

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