Worried about pq when set to auto on SD channel. Is it good? Tks



The HD box outputs less quality than HD upscale (720) if it is viewed in 576p does it not? 576p is dvd quality anyway isn't? Would there be much difference outputting SD at 726 or 576. I get Sky HD on Sunday and am starting to worry. I have TVDrive at present and the pq on SD channels is fantastic and I can stretch the picture. Other aspects are rubbish so I am dropping it. Therefore if I leave the Sky HD box on auto, then it outputs 576 over the HDMI input, but stretched into 16:9 if it was a 4;3 broadcast (thanks Neil). I hope I have got it right. So, is the pq good and better than Sky digital?Thanks, Maree.


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Just for your information, with the HD resolution set to Auto, 4:3 broadcasts will be displayed as 4:3 - the box does handle aspect ratio switching correctly. Basically it will switch your display to 4:3 automatically & then back to 16:9 for 16:9 material...


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I had Sky HD installed on Sunday and can only say that the SD PQ is great with my box set to Auto. The Sky installer originally left the box on 1080i but I wasn't happy about the picture format not switching so opted for the auto setting.

Much of this will depend on your TV & how far away you sit from the screen, I have seen SD through Sky HD on some LCD tvs which looks worse than appauling!!

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