Worlds longest lasting Ae100??


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beat this!:D


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I'm a little skeptical about some of the long lamp life’s quoted.
Have you noticed any deterioration in the intensity or the colour balance?
Doesn't this PJ have a quoted life of around 3000-4000 Hrs?



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The lamp life is quoted at 2000hrs with the lamp on full power and 5000 in Eco-mode which is what most people including myself use. No deterioration as yet. Fingers crossed!


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Holy Moley !

I think I've figured it out, Calibos - you haven't switched the darn thing off since you've got it !

Seriously, this gives the rest of us some hope of longevity (at least until upgrade time).

Out of curiousity, Where did you buy it - they're not exactly common here in Ireland......

Sean G


I took my AE100 in for repair at 1040 hours but it was still working. It was just a colour uniformity problem.

I just got a May 2002 model as a replacement after waiting 12 weeks for a repair to be done on my Dec 2001 model.

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