World's First Angry Birds Maze Opens in UK

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    Wolrd's largest Angry Bird lurks inside

    Angry Birds has become the inspiration for a giant maize maze, created by Sussex farmer and Angry Birds fan Stuart Beare. It is the world’s first Angry Birds maze, and is also believed to be the biggest Angry Birds image ever created.

    Stuart Beare has created the tribute to his favourite game by carving an image of what is believed to be the world’s biggest Angry Bird in his 8 acre field of maize plants at Tulleys Farm near Turners Hill. The image which shows an Angry Bird being catapulted across the maze, also forms an intricate maze of pathways for visitors to explore making it the first and only Angry Birds maze in the world.

    Says Stuart Beare from Tulleys Farm, “I’m a massive Angry Birds fan, it’s such an amazing and addictive game. I wanted to create something massive as my tribute to Angry Birds. We think it’s the biggest Angry Bird ever created. I’ve applied to Guinness World Records and hope to find out later this summer if it makes it into the record books as the World’s Biggest Angry Bird.”


    Visitors have to navigate the 3.5 miles of pathways to find Angry Birds characters hidden around the maze. Find all the characters and you could win a prize. The Angry Birds Maize Maze at Tulleys Summer Maze Park is open daily until 9 September.

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