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Did anybody just watch this on BBc1 (wednesday 6pm ish). At the end of the credits, somebody died, but i missed it as the sound temp cut out. all that i know is that he was 29years old. Did anybody catch the name?




Anybody know if the Worlds Strongest Woman is to be televised?


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Nice Name:D

It should be on at easter the same as it was last year.


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Personally, I was pleased to see a guy win that actually LOOKED the part, too. Most of those guys are carrying a lot of bodyfat (Johnny Perry, the guy who died is a case in point - 175kg !) in the belief that it helps their strength. The winner was very lean - he had a great 6 pack - and at 130kg was 15-20kg lighter that the most of them.

I love this show, but feel its badly let down by the way the Beeb present it. If you cut out all the waffle, the heats get about 15 minutes coverage, tops. The rest is a travelogue for wherever its being held. And they show the same views and give the same information about the country in every show !

And Paul Dickinson - if he says the word 'Unbelievable' once he says it a hundred times. The man is non-stop cliches !

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