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For quite some time now i have wanted to go and get myself a "World Record". I don't know what in, but I want one.

Now i won't ever hold the "tallest man alive" record, the "most amount of keepy-uppies in 1 minute" nor the "longest toe nails" - let's be realistic here :laugh:

Has anyone else ever gone for a World Record in any kind of event? (jaffa cake eating? how many eggs can you fit in your mouth? how many malteasers can you keep in a basket on a rollar-coaster?) Does anyone on here actually hold a World Record?

There are so many different World Records out there, one of them I must stand a chance at beating.

I also think it would look pretty cool at the bottom of the CV - "I also hold 1 World Record". Something to talk about at the interview.


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I am, or probably was, a co-world-record holder for 'most people to abseil down a building in a day'

How about something like that? :)


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Tiger Feet

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I was involved in the 'longest convoy of Mini's in the world ever'

Pretty sure its been beaten since.

(it was about 285 incase your wondering driving for over 1 mile)


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Not really seen the appeal of this, I saw a guy on the news recently who is going to spend 60 days on a rock in the middle of the ocean to get into the record books. I suppose saying its to gain a record justifies the act, but really its just an excuse to cock about ;)


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Do you get any financial reward for a world record or is it just getting your name in the news. As Toasty said "60 days". Sitting on bird poo is beatable if you have the money and time to do it.


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This is my mate Sam's world record run in his electric Beetle. 0-60 in 1.6 seconds. Current fastest non rail dragster in the world.

[ame=""]Black Current 9.5 - YouTube[/ame]
Now that was a missed opportunity, you could have surely gained a World Record for the 'Most Hilarious Work Shoes" or "Best Orang-outang Walk" :laugh:

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