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My PC currently has : 3ghz pentium 4
512 Ram 3200 ( 400)
256 GForce Fx Card
(apologies if this has been answered in a way before , I couldnt find one)

I play WoW and whenever i enter a major city etc i experience slowness and lag. I get the impression this is because of insufficient RAM ( i play the game with lowest video settings ) and I am going to purchase an extra 1gb RAM. Will this enable me to run the game with high video settings (i can do so at the minute but with a fps of only 11) and get no lag in major cities or should i get 2gb RAM or possibly 1gb RAM and a new graphics card? thx in anticipation


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Am i right in assuming that you mean you have an original 256 Geforce card (this would be 5+ years old now I think) or a more recent 256mb Geforce Card.

If the former I would definitely upgrade that first as it will bottleneck your current system.

Can get plenty good cards that are better than yours for under £60.
If the latter can you tell us if its a 5600 model or 6600, GT or GS etc...

Also more ram never hurts, places like Ironforge have always been tough on PC's that don't have enough ram.

I went from 500mb of RAM to 1Gig and noticed a fairly good improvement. I then went to 1.5 gig but didn't really change that much.


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Iv had a jolly good gander at my card and...

Nvidia Geforce FX 5200

which from what i can tell is a fairly low cost crapmobile model.

Whats my best option then? an extra 1bg ram and new card?
if i need a new card please can you help me choose one , possibly for under 80 quid if poss.


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Again I'm assuming you are requiring an AGP graphics card. If you want to go right to the limit on your budget i would recommend the XFX 6800XTreme 256MB, can be had for £79 on Or for an extra £5 the PNY Verto GeForce 7600GS 256 MB on the same site bit more power to it.

If that makes you tight for money only buying another 1/2 gig to take you up to 1gig of RAM should be ok. You will still get much better results from games like WoW.

Anyone else want to weigh in with an opinion, I am basically going off my knowledge of Graphics card from about a year ago, anything I've missed?

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