World Cyber Games - PGR3 & DoA4 UK Finals - i28 - 25th-28th August



Just to let all of you UK gamers know. This weekend is YOUR chance to prove just how good at Project Gotham Racing 3 and Dead or Alive 4 you are! The setting is Newbury Racecourse home of Multiplay's i-Series LAN Festival. You could be competing against some of the best and brightest gamers from all over the UK. There are fantastic prizes up for grabs! But how about getting to compete for your country? Maybe even going on to win thousands at the WORLD FINAL! Think you can keep the pace or maybe just want to try your luck? Then read on!

To play all you have to do is come down to the venue on Friday 25th August. We have our very own “turn up and play” area, just for WCG use. The only cost in this is your Spectator day pass which costs just £5. Register up for the tournament, then show us your skills! Of course, if you want to bring a PC for the whole weekend then there are still spaces available!

You can enter both x-box tournaments, although you can only proceed to the finals in one game. If you qualify for the finals in both games it's up to you to choose which finals to enter. There are also PCs available for use for the PC-based tournaments - check out the i28 WCG website for more info.

Should you progress to the elimination rounds, you will need to buy additional day passes up to a maximum of a further £10 if you make it to the final. However, this give you access to the full range of event facilities and free camping on-site.

If you have any ideas or suggestions regarding the tournament, feel free to post! We are all about listening to the community and getting this tournament run the way you guys want it!

For more information on i28 and the WCG you can visit

If you want to check out the WCG Tournament rules
Dead or Alive 4 rules
PGR3 rules

As a last note, i28 isnt just about games! At the event we have a range of social activities, an onsite bar, exhibitors and retailers, all there for your enjoyment. We have a fantastic pub quiz and an AMAZING purpose built marquee for you to view all the WCG Action with professional sound, lighting and game commentators. Join us for a day or the whole weekend! This isn’t something you want to miss!

Joe "Joeykins" Lynch

Multiplay UK WCG x-box tournament admin


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Ah so thats what the guys from CORE were on about


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Will be a cracking weekend :D

I'm entered in the Fifa 06 WCG tourney that's happening over the weekend, should be a laugh!
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