World Cup Rugby


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If you haven't already, have a look at the World Cup Rugby on ITV. This takes picture quality to a new dimension - its outstanding - far better than anything Sky or the BBC produce in HD!

Oh, my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Its like watching a replay of something from the 70s or 80s!


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It was totally crap. Not even my new pioneer could make the picture look good.

Maybe we should start a petition and boycott ITV until they sort themselves out.


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Does anyone know the highest bit-rate of the ITV stations, I'm assuming one of the STV's or UTV since their transponder is not very active.


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:rotfl: Where are all these people that say they cant tell the difference between SD and HD ....just show them the Rugby on ITV and then show them an HD prog on Sky .....sorted ....:thumbsdow

Filbert Fox

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Can't wait until ITV get their hands on England games & FA Cup football next HD subscription will be well worth it.....

When ITV won the rights I did ask them if they had any plans to start up a HD service, but no reply was forthcoming.....surprise, surprise!

Billy Hunt

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I'm more a Rugby fan than Football but I just couldn't watch that coverage on a 50inch TV :thumbsdow
So I came up with the perfect solution (see attachment)
Watch the rugby at a screen size worthy of the quality and watch the football in glorious HD
I think the footballers did a better job than the rugby players so it was a good choice in the end.
The quality of the HD picture is more a reflection of my lack of photography skills than a reflection of the actual picture.

There's no getting away from their dismal F1 coverage though :(:(


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Robbie Razzler

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If Italy are now in HD does this mean that their champions league games from italy could be in widescreen or could sky now pick an HD feed from there.

12 promises

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just watching Samoa Vs South Africa on ITV (STV SCOT).
good grief..........just how bad can the picture get?
this has to be about the worst picture i have ever seen.:thumbsdow


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Dont know why you want to watch that union rubbish for anyway. Thirty blokes kicking a ball to one another and all that whistle blowing from the ref stopping the flow of play.Aaaaaah yawn yawnnnn zzzzzzz. Better of watching Super League in H.D. propper rugby.:devil::devil::devil:


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I wonder how long ITV have the contract for the Rugby World Cup coverage? Please let BBC have it so there's some decent programming and PQ...


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I've sent them an email as well as in my eyes it's past a joke now, you can barely make out what is going on in some sports on 50" plus tvs.

I'm dreading the champions league, thank god for the Sky deal.

How i wish the would put the HD ITV channel on Sky but I don't think that's going to ever happen.

Robbie Razzler

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I sent an email as well, all though how much good is that going to do:rolleyes:

The contract for the next Rugby World cup in NZ 2011 is up for graps and the BBC are apparently going to put a bid in to take it off itv:smashin:


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Agreed. For those of you who see no difference between SD and HD this is a fine example and chance to see the difference.

Over the weekend I watched Cricket HD, Football 1st Division games HD, Rugby ITV SD, F1 ITV SD England Game BBC HD. Many of these were on at the sametime so I had to swap between them. Moving from BBC HD England Game to see the Rugby on ITV was shocking. The SD BBC England Game was much much better than that on ITV of the rugby.
Next week we have more F1, some Football HD and more rugby on ITV. Swap between these events and you will see just how bad it can be.

No idea what Sky or ITV are doing to the original HD broadcast of the Rugby but they need to stop it. If they have so much money to win the F1, Rugby WorldCup, Champions League they need to sort out a HD channel ASAP. Most of these are shot around the world, so they can take the original HD signal and use they surely? They would make money, whats up with them.

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