For Sale World Audio Design PSU, Pre II and Phono II

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    World Audio Designs PRE 2, PHONO 2 & Joint PSU - Heavily Modded

    Built from a WAD kit but subsequently heavily modified - almost everything that could be upgraded has been, using high-end components: Kiwame resistors, a smattering of Shinkoh’s, Black Gates etc. The sound is authoritative and musical..

    The cases are not perfect, but the face plates are fine


    Converted to a pseudo mono set up.

    Upgraded with Soniqs, Russian Teflon, Elna Cerafine Caps and Kiwame resistors.

    Choke upgrade. The original choke can be put back if you do not like the mounting of the new (large) one on the top of the PSU.

    Pre II

    Converted to Cathode Follower (CF) configuration (this overcomes the hum issues that some experienced with the original design).

    Obliggato gold premium film caps
    Kiwame resistors
    Elna rotary selector switch
    Alps Blue volume potentiometer. Pseudo-shunt mod using 2 x Shinkoh Tantalum resistors
    Short signal runs by shifting switch and volume pot to rear. I used plastic chop-sticks for this, which offer a night-and-day improvement over wooden ones (J)
    Mullard E88CC valve

    Phono II

    Lots of boutique caps (AmpOhm, Jupiter Beeswax, Black Gate, Sanyo Os-con, etc) and resistors. RIAA curve tweaked for closer matching

    Cathode bypass caps to the first valve cathode resistors

    2 x Cinemag transformers
    2 x Sanyo OsCon caps
    2 x Jupiter Beeswax caps
    2 x AmpOhm 10uF caps
    3 x General Electric 5751 valves

    Happy to demonstrate in North London, just north of Finsbury Park


    Price and currency: £650
    Delivery: Delivery cost is not included
    Payment method: bank transfer or cash
    Location: London, nr Finsbury Park
    Advertised elsewhere?: Advertised elsewhere
    Prefer goods collected?: I prefer the goods to be collected

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