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Hi guys,

Wanted to know if anyone here works in the film or entertainment industry.

I am a Information Technology graduate and am working as a software developer. However I would like to work in the film industry. I am sick of working in the office.

What are the chances of getting a jobs as an AV technician? What are the pros and cons of AV technician careers? What is the average salary? How difficult is this job? I've always been quite good with AV equipment.

Any advice?

By "AV tech" I would think of multimedia work - projectors, big screens, live PA etc rather than film.

I work in TV, on the tech side...which is slightly similar I guess. I would say that TV is much more "technical" and involved than film - so it would be easier to find work there. I don't think that film has much technical equipment to it - when compared to TV. TV is quite varied, from post production, to studios, to outside broadcasts (Football etc) and alot of the underlying technology is IT, so if you can 'apply yourself' you'll probably be ok .
Have a look at these sites for jobs:

grapevinejobs – for media jobs, television jobs and film jobs
Film TV Jobs Employment Broadcast Recruitment -

I also considered working in Theatre - it's not as well paid as TV though. People here will tell you more than I know:
Blue Room technical forum (Powered by Invision Power Board)

Have a read of this - and links to other roles on it,
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