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Before I go further please can I make it clear that this is not written as a compensation seeking type thead but one ensuring my wife is safe and cared for at work

My wife works with mentally and physically handicapped young adults. She loves the job and she is great at it. She loves and cares for all those she looks after.

However of late one of them has started to take the odd lashing out to the extreme and my wife comes home cut marked and bruised as a result

Today she tells me that she will have to go to the doctors on morning as this young lady has scratched her eye

My big worry is we would like to start a family and as such I'm concerned something would happen there.

In my mind the company is not doing enough to ensure my wife is safe and looked after and has the support I feel this young lady needs more than one to one care

What is the law on things like this ?
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Isnt this the risk of working with that type of person?they may be very unpredictable. In what circumstances is the person lashing out? Can it be for any/no reason?At any time? Or is there a particular trigger?


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The workplace should have an accident book. Not saying she should record every pinch and hair pull, but certainly cuts and scratches should go in there. Certainly anything that requires medical attention n(even if a plaster or some TCP) and especially anything leading to a doctor's visit.

My personally experience is that employers seem to take their responsibility much more seriously when the incidents are formally recorded.

Obviously, it is up to your wife to decide what she feels is reasonable and what isn't, but every unreasonable injury should go into accident book.




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does the company have any procedure that if pregnant some duties are removed/ swapped for less risk?


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Maybe ask for the care needs of the young lady in question to be re-assessed?
A young adult prone to violent episodes might need to be looked after with higher staff ratios, or with a male staff in the room etc. Maybe even a change in medication.


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OP dont worry, there is a soloution that can be found. just needs working out. not being in the Medical Care profession myself but have a few relatives in the care home mentily ill kids they all chip in and swap and change.
but when my aunt got pregnant she did more of the managerial duties and tended to the kids that were calm.
all was fine. ok so its thier place but maybe get misses to have a one to one with line management etc..

or do you think there are issues in managment?


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Thanks guys.

It's difficult as we realise that that some conflict is expected but the level of violence has progressed. It's also difficult as the girl can be so nice and has obvious problems with mental health but I need to know my wife is safe.

I have suggested a new risk assessment is done. But just need to know where stand legally.


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she should be reporting and recording such instances at work then they would access the situation and see how best to deal with the problem patient

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