Work yard surface


We have a large yard which is used by forklifts/vans/lorries etc.
In summer, it's a dustbowl.
In wet weather, it's like Glastonbury.
Quotes for tarmac or concrete are just ludicrous, it's too big an area.
But we don't mind spending some money to make it better.
Does anyone have any suggestions for surfaces/products that would 'pack down' and become harder with use?:confused:

Solomon Grundy

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If you can find a company which has dug up an old road surface during resurfacing work you could get some of that delivered, it packs down very well, we had it done at the dismantlers yard, cost a few hundred quid....very cheap.


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Stone chippings, but the depth you'd need would be dependant upon the weight of the vehicles. You'd more than likely need to dig up some of the existing ground to make way for it - you're probably looking at around 225mm depth. I don't think there's anything you could put down directly on top of what's there now - even tarmac should need some sort of base as would concrete. Concrete would also need to be pretty substantial too to prevent it cracking under the weight. You say that its a large area so I'd guess reinforcement is out of the question.

I often have to design warehouses for farm machinery, the surrounding aprons for artics etc are normally something like an 80mm cocncrete paving block over 50 screed over 150mm hardcore - but these are designed to accept the BIG 16L 24cyl Claas combine harvestors.

My only concern about using hardcore / stone chippings only would be that some of the stones can be quite big, and would the forklifts have the ground clearnace to cope?

Solomon Grundy

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What sort of size are the fork trucks, are they the ones with big wheels or those diddy little plastic things?


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I can't offer any other solutions to what's already been said, but for the summer months would you consider a dust suppression system.

I've used this company Mist-Air before in conjunction with some recycling set-ups I've done. Their systems can be tailored for any size of yard and conditions.


There are what seems to be some very nice people living in caravans just up the road from me who I'm sure would give you a very competitive quote.

i wouldn't worry about the quality of workmanship as they seem to be multi skilled not only in tarmac but landscaping and UPvc according to their van livery



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Duratec is in our temp carpark at the hospital thats laid on grass mud and gravel and works ok. I only know its duratec because the name is printed on a lot of the panels , looks well expensive though
Mayeven be durawalk cant remember

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