Work Lunch ideas ?


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Evening All

Looking for some lunch ideas if you guys have any to share?

Fed up of sandwiches and rolls. Looking for something that isn't so bland and has some flavour in it. Been picking up some pastas and stuff from local supermarkets but trying to tighten the cash. I'm happy to prep it day in advance or in the morning.

I get a 45 min break and there is a staff microwave. Looking for healthy ideas too ie fruit instead of crisps.


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I make up large bowls of pasta every few days and leave it plain in the fridge. I then add extras to a portion each evening ready for the next day. By doing it this way I can have different flavours each day so it doesn't get too boring.


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When I go to work and it's a long day I cook brown rice up (it's filling and healthier than white) with some cool mint cream whipped in with some veg - peas or sweetcorn or whatever, anything quick out of a tin, with a piece of salmon. Take that with a yogurt and a banana. Bag of crisps if I feel frisky. The titbits usually eaten on the train either there or back.


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going to bed, took me 5 readovers to get what you said properly hehehe


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Of course one of the main considerations is the politics of the office kitchen. Often lunches should be refrigerated in the morning until lunch. However a lot of the time the fridges in the office aren't huge and it's difficult to find a space as one or two people seem to think it's their right to keep the fridge full of their various indulgences. What with that and the five bottles of milk crammed in as part of different tea clubs contributions, it can be a task to even get anything in there.

Most of what goes into an office fridge never comes out until it has turned moldy and only then following several angry emails from put out colleagues.


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Cook off some chicken at the start of the week, chop and portion it up, then chill/freeze.

At lunch time get some light mayo and mix with your fave hot sauce. Combine a portion of the chicken with that, and have it with some salad/veg/whatever you enjoy.

For variety, use different hot sauces and different salad bits.

Dead cheap, dead tasty.


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I usually have soup (either Tomato or Spring Vegetable) or chicken/tuna pasta with sweetcorn and relish/low-fat mayo/BBQ sauce (I know you said healthy but it's nice to have sometimes).


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large bowl .... sweetcorn, peas, brocolli florets, chick peas or red kidney beans ... drizzle some olive oil and soy sauce
microwave for 5-10 mins (if using frozen veg), no need for chick peas or beans if you just want something very light


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I'm all about the soap, pop in to the supermarket on Monday and pick up five which are often on offer. The likes of Covent garden are pretty tasty and fairly healthy too. I started because I wanted to lose weight changing from a sandwich and bag of crips, I get a massive bowl of soap from one carton but have no bread with it and lost loads of weight doing so too if that's a consideration.


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home made sushi rolls? you can fill them with tuna mayo, or crunchy veg, and provided you keep them in the fridge overnight, they will probably stay cool outside the fridge till lunchtime.


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my good lady does me a mixture of (on any given week)...

pasta mince meat

rice with chicken

steak or chicken fajitas....

all are delish and easy enough to re-warm up in the microwave.



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Amoy noodles
Tinned beansprouts
Some chopped red onion
Chicken Stock
Soy Sauce
Red Chilli
Ready to eat pork meatballs.

I put it all in a bowl, add boiled water - stir in and pop in microwave for 4 minutes.


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Baked potatoes and chilli. Cook before hand and microwave hot. Or Quiche and salad. Curry. Pot noodle.


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I've made this in the past,

Turkey Meatloaf
1 pound lean ground turkey mince
1/2 cup regular oats, dry
1 large egg, whole
1 Tbsp onion, dehydrated flakes
1/4 cup ketchup

1. Combine all ingredients and mix well.
2. Bake in a loaf pan at 350 ̊F / 180 ̊C for 25* minutes or to an internal
temperature of 165 ̊F / 75 ̊C
3. Allow to cool and slice into portions (approx 5)

It can be frozen to store and reheats in a microwave satisfactorily. You may find it a bit bland so try adding crack black pepper and swapping the ketchup for a BBQ sauce.
Also worth making from pork mince, though not if trying to control your weight.

* I find 35 mins in a fan oven more like

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