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Hi all,

My wife is considering "working from home" i.e. making a bit of cash.

I initially suggested trading via ebay but that seems a little too intricate for her.

So, can anyone suggest any other ideas?




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What are her skills/talents? I have recently taken up a bit of web design which I can do at home and have earnt over £1,000 from three websites. If she's good at painting, graphic design, etc., do that. In this day-and-age, I reckon a home-run travel agency would make a fair bit too. All she needs to do is be a dab hand at locating cheap flights for rich people who can't be bothered (and there are lots of them about). That would be a fun, challenging and not overly-stressful job to tide her over.

Start with friends, telling them you're able to find cheap flights and that you'll sort it out for a small cut etc. Then pass it on. If she's good at that sort of thing. Whatever she does, it needs to be something she already enjoys doing and at which she is good.


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Porn Cam?


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Book keeping seems to bring in a decent wage and has regular work - I know a few doing it.




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will be interesting to see what other suggestions this thread brings up as my fiancee has been thinking of doing the same


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Once you've listed a couple of items on ebay it's pretty easy. Tell her not to be put off and just give it a whirl with some [email protected] you have lying around the house to get into the swing of it.

You can also get applications which will help you list multiple items.

If she can climb there's a fortune to be made from scrap lead these days :D


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I do a mixture of web design/pc repair and ebay selling from home in addition to my day time job. I don't have a monthly income from it as such but last year it must of made roughly £3000 for me and emma (had a nice holiday with it and helping fund another one in 2 weeks time).

Ebay is unbelievably easy to use. My wife has sold numerous items on there now (200+) and made about a £1000 in total over the last 2 years i'd say.

Old clothes ( in her case they look like they've never been worn, probably because she wears about 7 different pairs of clothes a day then washes them and maticulously irons them :rotfl: ), CD's, DVD's etc.

I get a lot of "spare" PC's - really old ones, roughly about 7 years old on average. Strip them down to their individual parts. A quick spray with an air compressor to clean them up and I sell them, I make on average about £80 per machine once stripped and I do this about 10 times a year. Easy money :thumbsup:. I also sell Bluray movies when i'm done with them, old PC games, old Xbox, Xbox 360, PS2/PS3 games - basically anything "electronic".

I've got most of it setup now with Ebay so it only takes me about a minute or so to list an item and I just use a 5 day auction. My Dad ships the items via Courier through his work Free of Charge :) but I still charge P&P to cover my supposid costs.

My last sale, a PCI Graphics Card (not even AGP/PCI-E) went for £30 and it cost me £0.

If Ebay isn't for you have you considered something completely different like being a Foster parent - it requires a lot of time and dedication and you get paid and very rewarding. I have strongly considered quitting my current job to do this full time as I have seen first hand what Fostering can be like.


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interesting thread. my wife will be housebound from july when she gives birth. so anything to bring in money when she cant work at her usual job has to be good!

not sure about ebay thought as i cant stand the thought of her rumaging through my stuff and selling things like my LTD edition sealed Zelda collectors disc for a fiver :eek:


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I work for a company allow me to work from home, been doing it for the last 3 months and this last week has been the best!

In the garden 9-5.

i was previously doing london and the underground... NEVER GO BACK!

v CJ v

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Ebay is the best route imo.

I sell on average 25 items a week through ebay. Only takes a few minutes per item (listing / packaging) then a short walk down to the post office after lunch.
Depends what you have to sell. I started by selling random junk that was lying around the house, and now import some products, and others I use a UK dropshipper.

Find a product she can get cheap (from a market, wholesale or even highstreet store) and sell on ebay for a tidy profit.


Jimmy Carr on his latest DVD has an idea of how you can earn money working from home. In fact you wouldn't even need to leave your bed.

Mighty Chipster

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Thanks to everyone for their responses.

I too am attracted to the Ebay route as it is so easy.

I'll speak to the Mrs tonight and see what she says!


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