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has anyone had their contract changed, i.e. you now have to work different hours, or lunches being timed, having to now sign in and out of work (clock machine)
they're proposing a lot of changes and wondering what my rights are really
not in a union or anything like that. can they do this as they please really? if i dont really have much say i guess i'd rather go in with suggestions and a positive approach and try get the best deal for myself

amd mad

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They just have to give you 45 days notice to change your contract.happens at our place a lot, we don't agree with their proposals our union tries to negotiate but their just say it will make the business better then change all contracts. Now we are paid less work harder.


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The one they use at my place of work is 'any other duties...'

If they want to implement anything, anything at all, it always falls conveniently under this.


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So they can make changes. As 'amd lad' says they would normally go through a consultation period to give the impression that they are discussing and agreeing it with the workforce but ultimately these things are just lipgloss and they will implement what they want regardless of the objections.

Do you have to accept it is another matter. If is a change to your contracted terms and conditions you can refuse and if you were successful then they would either not implement the changes for you or more likely offer you a 'without prejudice' redundancy payment.

I would imagine that it would have to be a significant change for you to be successful in your claim.

You may not be able to contest some things - like introduction of clocking machines, because your contract probably stipulates hours to be work but not how that is to be recorded or monitored.

If they were to increase your hours or introduce shift working or change your location etc. then you would likely be successful if you were to contest.



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