Words fail me...


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...and probably freed in less than half that for "good behaviour" - the idea that people capable of these acts can be considered eligible to be judged on their good behaviour must be an irony only the 20/21st centuries are capable of dreaming up.


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the only way scum like this will learn is for the sick things they did to be carried out on themselves. any jail term will do nothing for these sicko's but give them something to brag about. "yeah wot wot i done me time blud init, i'll do it again yagetme"


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These three men are truly nasty, NASTY individuals! :mad: Should all be given the death penalty, in my opinion!

Rape is bad enough. Raping of a minor is sick! But raping a minor, with learning difficulties AND then throwing caustic soda on her to disfigure her, is just atrocious!

I hope these three men get what they deserve, sooner rather than later! :eek:



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If only there was a fund of some sort in order to ensure that the same treatment befell them in prison (preferably on a daily basis), I'd throw a few quid in the kitty.


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Hi All,

Unfortunately, history is testament that cases like this will continue to flourish and sadly nothing will ever change. It truly sickens me to the core. Only when we as a people stand up to stuff like this and make it very clear to the "establishments" that beyond a certain point, the people will rebel against and take control is when things may, just may begin to change. Unfortunately, the legal system is this country is more focused on legalities than justice. My prayers and thoughts are with that poor girl.



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Let's hope there are plenty of 'soap dropping' incidents for all involved.

When they are released, I hope they walk out John Wayne style


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"Det Con Alex Newton said it was the biggest rape case Haringey police had dealt with.

A lack of co-operation by the community made it extremely difficult to investigate, she added.

"It doubled the amount of work to really get to the bottom of it and I don't think we ever really will," she said.

:( some community


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these scum should be tortured before given the dealth penalty...
but as usual the judges of these shores don't have the balls to do anything about it...!!!


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I do believe that Jack Bauer should have been let loose in their "community" to ask some questions (in his own way) and wise up the people protecting this scum

- johnyc -

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typical for this country. do what you want then get a couple of years :rolleyes:

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