Word search on webpage in safari


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I realised it's built into safari! Not sure since which iOS but knowing me it was there since the start lol...

once the page is loaded enter the word in in search box next the web address box and scroll down and choose Find 'xxx' et voila!

There must at least one other person that didn't know about it :D


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dtobin said:
I didn't know of it either.

I used a cydia addon previously but very buggy.

Glad I found this !


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I've often wished for a search like this. Turns out it was there all along and I never even knew. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I'd never have found that myself.


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Since iOS4 IIRC. I rarely use it, but nice to have all the same


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Fizzy12 said:
I don't get what you mean by this :confused:
If you are browsing a web page with a lot of text and want to search for a word on the page ..... you can

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