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Hey :)

I was watching tv on my Samsung LE37M87BD LCD last night, i fell asleep whilst watchin (had a few beers:D) and woke up this morning at 6am with the red bbc3 'back at 19.00' screen on, shows stop at about 4 - 4.30 so the tv will have had this static colour / text on the screen continuously for 1.5 - 2 hours :(

In the instruction manual it warns not to have a static image like this on the screen for prolonged periods of time as it can cause 'Image retention'!! Gutted

I cant see any burnt in image, but i only got the tv yesterday so im sure you can understand my paranoia!

am i worrying about nothing?:rolleyes:

Im certainly not an expert on LCD screens so any help would be great



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if you cant see the image then it should be ok.


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Dont worry !

It is highly unlikely that you will have caused any lasting damage to your set.The warning given inside the front page of your manual is in all of them,LCD and Plasma.Its just Samsung playing safe.

An LCD cant suffer "Screenburn" as a Plasma (Now rarely) can as it is an effect visible when a phosphere coating is exited on the same place for a long period of time by an electronic charge.

Only CRT and Plasma have this phosphere coating (In current technology) LCD 's have individual lenses that swivel in response to a charge. these lenses can become stuck in any postion.that is "Image retention" and is in the vast majority of cases,temporary.


rusty mechanic

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when you say that lcd's can't suffer from screen burn, then you should read richard plumb's post further down this forum titled "screen burn on my toshiba lcd".:eek:


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Yes,I have read that thread,but that is not Screenburn.It is image retention caused by the crystals being set in position due to having been "Twisted" into one position for a longer period of time than normal at a higher brightness/contrast rate than normal.

The effect is the same as screen burn but is,in the vast majority of cases,temporary.

Screenburn is like scratching your car painwork with a key.LCD Image retention is the same as not being able to close an open window.The effect is the same therefore the generic word "Screenburn" is used.

I will also try to spell "Phosphor"correctly from now on.


richard plumb

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psst - it can happen at normal brightness/contrast levels too (I do try and calibrate properly)

Just don't listen to radio on your TV unless you can turn the picture off somehow!


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richard plumb;

Yes,wasnt having a go at your calibration skills.You seem to have been very unlucky.

my point was,it aint screenburn a la old Plasma/Crt.sets.


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