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woop! i managed to take a gig picture at iso100

mr jones

Established Member
that means barely any noise even when ive pushed it to hell and back

usually im shooting at iso400-1600 but the flash really worked for me and i managed to get this corker

and to cap it off shes hot as hell!


20D. 50mm f1.8 @ f1.8-1/80th iso 100, 580EX speedlite


Cracking shot. Looks like the Speedlite gets the results!
Though somehow i prefer rock shots all grainy. It sort of adds to the genre, like when using 3200 Film.


Established Member
Mr Jones,

I am shooting at a gig tomorrow night that will have low light and probably and few different colours of lights.

Would you recommend using the 50mm f1.8?

What settings would you recommend?

I have a 380EX with an omni bounce, any tips for this!!

Many thanks

mr jones

Established Member
use the 50mm at its wide end. high iso to keep the shutter speed up.

shoot in raw and underexpose by around a stop as the lights tend to blow out the image otherwise, shoot in spot metering as well.

if your using the flash set it to a lowish power and bounce it, directly will kill off all the lighting and **** off the musicians.

its all about experimentation! good luck!



Established Member
Mr Jones

I am using a 380EX flash! Can I change the power output on it! Not sure if I can! I have an omnibounce diffuser! Will that do the job??

Not really worried about annoying the musicians to be honest! They are amateur kids etc!! Should be fun!


geofftelforduk said:
I am using a 380EX flash! Can I change the power output on it! Not sure if I can! I have an omnibounce diffuser! Will that do the job??

Use the flash compensation on the camera.


Established Member
Love the first shot, especially the way you've captured the textures / shadows etc on the "work-shirt". :thumbsup:

mr jones

Established Member
yeh i agree the reason i like it so much is the texture of the shirt

im not sure on the 380ex but on the 430 and 580 speedlites if you press the centre button you can adjust the compensation +/- 3 for the flash power (flash compensation)


Established Member
Fantastic photo :smashin:

I have a lot to learn...

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