Woohoo Got my HS10



It's been unpacked for about 15 minutes, so no time to set anything up etc. Just wanted to say that the image is stunning.

No visible screen door until you are about 2ft away from the screen.

It's only connected to my DVD at the moment, using Component. I'll try TV later through SVIDEO and composite

I'm also not using the cinema black filter but blacks seem ok, colours are natural and clean with no artifacts and it's also arrived with 0 dead pixels :D

Currently the HS10 is about 10Feet away from the screen and gives about a 5ft image. I've seen an HS12,AE100,HS1 and HT11 in action and this blows them all away.

I'll take some photo's once it's all setup and give more details later.

:) :D :D :D :D



You jammy sod :)

Did you buy from overseas or have they actually shown up in local dealers yet?


Congratulations on your purchase and let us know how much you like it...:)


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Congrats on your new PJ !!

We'll be expecting the complete run down soon, so get watching, enjoying and posting :D

Good luck

Sean G.



Good luck with the new toy. I've been waiting for someone else to take the plunge - looks like I could be a couple of grand poorer by the end of the week.

One killer question that I haven't managed to get answered - have you managed to figure out the expected lamp life of the HS10?

Keep posting the info, I guess a lot of people are waiting to hear what you have to say!




Just watched 2 movies back to back, one actiony(SW Ep 2) and one romanticy, Notting Hill. The Video is currently using composite and the Cable box is being piped through the Vid. DVD is a Sony 735D, using componant with the supplied 10m cable.

Apart from my ravings about image quality, you REALLY notice a good quality source. DVD is stunning, with rich colours and the image is really bright. TV looks a bit fuzzy and a TV sourced DVD(e.g friends) looks ok, but nowhere near as good as DVD. Normal VHS is about on the same par as TV. You can sharpen up the image to increase the clarity, but then when you switch to a DVD source you notice it's too sharp. I would say however that the image quality is as good as the 12HT and certainly magnitudes better than the HS1 and AE100 I had demo'd a few months back.

Ambient light is ok, but like all projectors it does need a dark room to really shine. I did'nt see any motion artifacts on the fast moving images, and it was able to display fine detail very well

Blacks are'nt too bad without cinema black on and pretty good with. However it does seem to dull the colours quite a lot by using C black mode, and to be honest I prefer it to be off.

It IS a quite long throw projector with a 6ft image at 12 ft. But that does mean that any screen door is pretty much non existant. If you walk up to the screen, you can see the screen door at a distance of about 12-18 inches. After that it's gone. It does'nt come with a short throw lens, and since the lenses retail at $1300 i'm not going to try one. If you have a small room then I think you will either need to look elsewhere, by the short throw lens or put up with a smaller image.

I will post photo's up, but my camera is only a 1.3 Megapixel unit and the ones I took do not do the picture justice. I need to borrow my neighbours 3.2Mp camera I think.

The Lead supplied seems to be reasonable quality, but I think the screening is a bit thin so you may have to be careful where you route it. The Manual is fine, typical sony fare and it's all easy to set up. The sideshot 2 seems to work OK, although picture quality is diminished if it's used to extremes.

Hmm what else...

Whether i'm one of the lucky ones I dunno, but dead pixels are not there, and I did look.

I bought it from Price Japan, who shipped it on Friday 22nd, it landed at heathrow Sat am and it was at my doorstep by 1pm today. Top service.

I've not seen any figures for lamp life, other than the specs. Sorry.

I don't have a PS2 or Xbox and my PC does'nt have a DVI port so, HTPC stuff is out. When the VGA cable is out in the UK i'll try and hook the PC up.

The manual mentions 1:1 pixel mapping, but i've no way of testing it out, sorry.

If you want me to find anything out let me know, and i'll try it.


Congrats on your new toy ;)

If you were near to any HTPC forum members, perhaps you could allow them to try a HTPC via DVI to check jrwood's Powerstrip settings poster at avs.

This is the one question that still hasn't been definitively answered :mad:

Who's next???


Congrats! :D :D

I'm about to order mine as well ( 1 or 2 weeks :) )- all reviews I've read sofar have been very positive indeed...

BTW I've read from several sources that lamp life is 2000 hrs in normal mode and 3000 hrs in cinema black mode...

Enjoy - and keep us up to date! :D
- Thomas



Not yet. DHL sort it all out for you. I think the VAT bill comes 6-8 weeks after :( It cleared customs within 8 hours of landing on the Satuday.


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NJS can you tell us what you ended up paying for the hs10, I'm trying to decide if it worth buying from pricejapan, or from uk. In uk the price seems to be about £2100, but if pj is £1700 + VAT then the saving by buying from pj seems hardly worth it, do you agree?
Also what lead do you get in the box with hs10.


Not had the VAT bill yet, but the PJ was £1640 delivered. I reckon
£1940 in VAT. Yes that saves £100(ish) but there is no release date yet for the UK(best guess Jan or Feb) and I wanted it before xmas. I can't fault price japan for service at all.

The power lead was a 2.5 metre twin connection(like that used on a tape player).
I did'nt like to use a socket adapter as when I plugged it into one I got it seemed quite loose and I did'nt want it popping out when the PJ was hot. So I went into the local maplins and bought a 2metre 3amp lead which works fine.

It comes with a 10 metre Componant,SVideo and composite to Sony PJ Multi lead. The quality is OK but I think the screening is a little thin.

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