Woohoo, Ellie installation complete!


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Here's an update on our installation:

Firstly, a HUUUGE thankyou to Rob from Marcom (the installers for Ellie/ScreensUK). If anyone needs a screen and projector installation, I would heartily recommend him. We've got a new house that's a pain in the posterior when it comes to running cables, but Rob still managed to hide away the vast majority of the wires for us. He was with us for about 9 hours, not including about 200 miles travelling - money well spent!

We ordered a custom Ellie Advantage (213cmx120cm with 50cm black drop). The screen geometry and size is perfect, and ripple free. Very very slight curl on the black border, but that's pretty much universal I gather, and also only noticeable at all if you look at the screen from the side. The motor seems pretty smooth and quiet, and the stop points just fine.

I understand that this is a slightly updated design incidentally, but looks the same as the ones on the website to me.

Our Z2 is now looking much happier now that it's properly ensconced on a Unicol ceiling mount, and Mark Grants Belden cables are more of a "feature" in the room rather than an eyesore :smashin:

So far we've only had a quick half hour test, but we're grinning from ear to ear.

Next step - out with the paintbrushes and a tin of Plum Suede tomorrow to finish the job. :thumbsup:


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If you don't mind me asking, how much did the install cost?
Was the install cost fixed price or per hour (for projector and screen)?

Where is Rob based?



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It was a fixed price of £350, which is the Ellie starting price for a screen and their own CRT projector install . I said that we'd already got the Z2, mount and component cables, and they were happy to install it all.

Rob is based in the Midlands (around Grantham I think), but was quite happy to travel down to Essex for us.


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Thanks Yandros

Do you have any contact details for Rob (preferably a mobile number or email address)?

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