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I recently moved into a new house and now have my own listening which is a well constructed, fully insulated and heated man cave at the end of the garden. It has a suspended floor and plaster board walls and a low ceiling (7ft). Basically not ideal for a Hifi.

When I first moved the system in and first played it I was gutted. It sounded terrible. After much tweaking, speaker moving and numerous runs of the room perfect on the Lyngdorf I finally got it sounding as good as it did in my last house (where the system was in the front room).

The last and what seems insurmountable issue is the the resonance caused by the suspended floor (which you can feel and hear wobble in places when I walk on it) which in turn results in woofer pumping when playing records loud-ish. According to my phone app the issue kicks in around 80db by 95db the woofer is pumping like mad. I’ve isolated the life out everything and it’s definitely tightened up the bass from what it initially was and when streaming, the quality of the bass is bang on. Very happy with it.

I like to play my music load on regular occasions now that I can with impunity, so this is a problem for me when playing records.

Is there anything else I can do here or is it due to the unstable floor something I’m just going to have to learn to live with?

On the whole Ive really enjoyed getting back into vinyl and have invested (for me) a fair few quid, but at times I do wonder if it’s worth the aggro. For the £3k plus I’ve spent on the vinyl set up I often wonder if that would have been better spent elsewhere. But when it’s good it’s unbeatable.

Pictures below of the space and isolation measure taken to lessen the resonance, which have worked in part.

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That’s a lovely looking room and set-up Andy.

What’s the front wall made of? The ideal solution for the TT would be to mount a wall shelf which protrudes just above the top shelf of your rack.

Also are the Isonoe feet screwed up tight so that the top ‘plate‘ is in contact with the underside of the TT? It looks it from your picture. I had always assumed that this was not meant to be the case, so as to allow room for the upper and lower parts to move and allow any vibration to be absorbed by the minute extension and contraction of the rubber bands.

You can’t really see it when the foot is in situ but the central core needs to be free to move up and down and i don’t think it can, i.e. it will be fully compressed if you’ve screwed the foot up tight into the TT.

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BINGO……… the shortest thread in AV Forums history ….. I’m playing at -1 on the Lyngdorf volume pot and no resonance at all. It used to kick in around -7.

Thank you Dan, you’re like my Hifi Mr Miyagi 😉

When I moved I took the feet off when packing it away and I must have just screwed them back too tight when putting back together.


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Andrew San, either you Hi-Fi do “yes” or Hi-Fi do “no.” You Hi-Fi do “guess so,” (get squished) just like grape.”

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