Woodstock: What's the difference between Region A & B?


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Does anyone here know what the differences are between the Region A and Region B versions of Woodstock on Blu? Apart from the packaging and the price.....

The US version is three discs (Europe is 2 discs) - is the third disc an SD bonus copy, or does it contain HD content left off the main feature? The box set shown on Amazon.com contains various "souvenirs" as well.

What else do I get for the extra 20 quid or so? :confused:


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You've pretty much answered your own question. The UK 2-disc set should be identical to the first two discs in the US set. The US set comes bundled with loads of tat and, if you buy it from Amazon.com (who are not customs friendly, BTW), you get a third disc which contains exclusive featurettes and extra performances. I understand that there is also a different bonus disc available from a certain American B&M retailer; can't remember which one.

No bonus discs for us Britishers, at least not as far as I can tell. Our retailers are sadly embracing this exclusivity nonsense, but only as far as special packaging & entire releases are concerned. I can't recall any high-profile exclusives that have come with specific extra content on disc.


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Just to add to the above: The amazon.com version does come with exclusive content, but it's included on disc 2 and not on a third disc as previously advertised. The exclusives for other US retailers are along the same lines, i.e. they've got a special pressing of disc 2 and not an extra disc.

Mine's been posted from amazon. I can't wait to see/hear Jimi Hendrix doing what he does best in HD.

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