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Looking to have some wood flooring (engineered) installed in the living room soon and was wondering if anyone else has done this recently and how much it cost them (mainly to have it installed). The space is 18 meter square.



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We had the entire downstairs done about 4 years ago. I'll have to ask my wife what the prices were but if I could go back I would 100% gone with solid oak as apposed to engineered. Also it is critical the floor is completely level. There is one small area of mine where you notice some give ever so slightly. Really annoys me just knowing its there.


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I have engineered Oak.

I've fitted solid oak before too.

In truth, I wouldn't go for wood again, I'd go for Karndean or any luxury vinyl floor.

Some of the vinyl I've seen looks stunning and it's zero maintenance. The embossed grain actually looks better than the real thing IMHO.

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The only reason an engineered floor would have any 'give' is because it is laid as a floating floor. Even a solid floor laid in that way would be pretty much the same. Either that or you would have a hollow.

Shame they didn't notice when it was being laid. Can you take up a section and add some packing beneath - or was it glued?

I fitted my own oak floor. It was surprisingly simple really. You just need a chop saw and hire a secret nail gun. Make sure the room is square and stagger the joints. I've got a feeling it was around £7m to have laid when I looked.


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Has anyone used or seen Karndean LooseLay Flooring?, I just wanted to know if I could fit it on top of a tiled floor in the kitchen.


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Not done the looselay myself but the existing floor would need to be perfectly flat for vinyl I imagine and even if the existing tiles have been fitted by the best tiler in the world, there might still be some very small lips.

No idea how thick this looselay is though, might be ok.

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