Woo hoo finally got my GC hooked to my plasma



Got given a PAL GC for my birthday and finally got it hooked up,thanks to Groundy and Neoblade for previous help. The Jap component cable arrived today from Tronix. Plugged it in and "wow" a 42 inch screen with Rogue Squadron screaming all over the place. Cheers.

Also, I'm a bit new to all this gaming malarkey - so any recommendations on decent games to buy?


Well you have to get Mario of course :) for me its the best gameplay i have ever experienced in any game console or PC, if you like resisdent evil then defineately get resiendent evil 1 it will look amazing on your plasma as the visuals are just superb. I also have Beach spikes which is fantasticly fun to play, games to look out for are definately metroid prime which is shaping up to be best game of the year and of course zelda which looks superb with its cel shaded visuals that will be a real treat on your plasma just like watching a animated DVD like shrek :)

a few for you to look into there


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From my other thread :-

In order of preference

Resi Evil
Super Monkey Ball
Pikmin (get 2nd hand for cheapness then return)
Beach Spikers

To look forward to

Sega Soccer Slam
Godzilla (if you like fighters)
Metroid Prime
Eternal Darkness (for PAL)
Timesplitters 2
Colin Mcrae 3
Starfox Adventures (if you like that sort of thing)


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An oldie but a goldie is Rogue Squadron.

Hook it up to your amp and you'll get total immersion in the DW Universe. :D


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I think he already has Rogue Squadron Ono..:D (just kiddin' mate)..
Anyway, IMO Pikmin is a must as it looks incredible on a nice screen.
Can't think of much else as I'm not a GC fan. Anyway enjoy your new toy mate..and let us know how you get on..:)


Thanks guys.

I am so bloody crap - I imagine everyone else whizzes through these games. I stay up all night, stuck on some poxy level saying how the fudge you supposed to do this!

Great fun though!


Originally posted by JaseyJay

Also, I'm a bit new to all this gaming malarkey - so any recommendations on decent games to buy?

Get youself Starfox Adv. the best graphics on a console i've seen!;) and the gameplay is nice and easy not frustrating at all.



You have it a plasma? ::sobs:: Not fair lol. If you had a Japanese or US Gamecube you could have had progressive scan... And it improves the graphics to no end, esp. on a sharp monitor like a plasma.

Anyway I would have to generally agree with the suggestions posted already and Star Fox Adventures is a very pretty and sonically superb title... But at parts it easy (So I'm told). Worth hunting that down I believe along with Super Monkey Ball, Pikmin, and Mario Sunshine...

If you have a preference to any gaming genres (racers, fighters, puzzle, action etc) then just give us a shout so we can recommend some titles that you will enjoy ^_^

On average though the games listed by everyone are pretty much top titles that anyone can enjoy. I would add Resident Evil but you would have to get used to the control scheme to enjoy the game... By all means though try it out and just make sure to play it in the dark with the sound cranked up ^_^ Same goes for Eternal Darkness in Pro Logic II.

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