Won't this destroy my GPU? HDMI to DVI reduction


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I heard about GPUs being destroyed by supplied DisplayPort cables. I find myself in a situation I need HDMI to DVI, or DP to DVI. Because monitor I have is crap and DVI cable doesn't hold there, it took me 30 minutes to mount it. Nowhere else have this problem, same cable goes to GPU from both sides... I need DP reduction, but with holes in it, so I can connect a cable there!

So far I found only this:
and this:

Both look like total garbage, I don't want to risk my 3070. I Am on 5 streak of faulty components in a row, I Am not letting anything on a chance! I Am not an expert on HDMI cables. I bought certified DP cable e.g. but I don't have any idea, if they have certified HDMI cables too. Also this is reduction, so it probably won't be listed. How do I determine this is safe to use?

That would be huge help ty!

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Best to provide links to the Graphics Card and Display you are using and indicate the length of HDMI cable and which cable you have installed.

Five faulty components could suggest you have an issue within your system or possibly you have been very unlucky.



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Monitor: FORIS FG2421 Gaming Monitor | EIZO
GPU: GeForce RTX™ 3070 VENTUS 3X OC
DVI cable type: https://www.computercablestore.com/...254_dvi-d-dual-link-cable-5-meter-164-ft.jpeg

I think it is DVI - Dual Link, I have this cable long time. Not sure model, it was supplied with a monitor. I can't take this cable off, because it is hard to screw it on one side. It took me 30 minutes. If I took it off, I couldn't mount it again! While it went fine to other monitor/GPU from both sides! Length is 2m I think, could be 1.5 - can't measure it exactly!

There are no issues with my system probably - just extreme amount of bad luck!
1. I got a faulty monitor, to which I can't connect cable, or barely, it is inferior. (I did not care to RMA it, because it is always something - tired from RMAing) and I did not need DVI at that time. Also DP to HDMI reduction is stuck there. And it is hard to connect HDMI, but I cannot use it, this monitor supports only 1280x1024 via HDMI!

2. Got a 2nd new monitor, in which HDMI cable supplied with monitor got stuck - after I asked support, if I can use it...

While I used my previous monitor years and used DVI, HDMI, DP, never had this problem before with any monitor/GPU!!!

3. I got faulty socket lever on a motherboard. (it was mechanical issue)
4. Got faulty PSU: Corsair RM650x 2018 (which is one of best PSU on market 10 years warranty!!!)
5. They destroyed my GPU in service sent there by retailer, after I RMAed it. So technically this doesn't count - as it wasn't out of box broken

I don't trust these cheap cables, especially reductions. Maybe I should order some from amazon/ebay. As in my country there is no choice. But I don't know where to find certified HDMI to DVI reduction, because I doubt they are any. And there isn't usually big enough sample pool of reviews to judge and it can be always a bad piece.

I would prefer to buy certified reduction from HDMI to DVI (again it has to have holes, instead of pins so I can connect DVI cable there). But it is extremely hard to find!

PS: I did not find ROLINE nor Vention in list of HDMI certified cables, nor it has sticker on picture that it is HDMI certified: HDMI Adopters & Affiliates

Again I don't know, if this would extend to reductions, even if manufacturer was HDMI certified.

I would lost my mind, if this reduction damaged my new RTX 3070 and it is possible for cable to destroy GPU. Read about it, in case of DP cables supplied with monitors for instance!!! I always get to most annoying situations, this is annoying me so much...
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HDMI Adopters and Affiliates - very few 'brands' you will know will be on that list as most 'brands' team up with an OEM or ODM partner with the partner being the licensed adopter manufacturing the actual cables, converters etc.

DVI-D cable - if the threaded connector lugs are damaged I would ditch the cable and source a New cable.

HDMI cable - could you not simply install a New Ultra High Speed or Premium High Speed certified cable or do you need to use the DVI Out on the graphics card?



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So there is no way to be sure, when buying reductions...

DVI cable is fine.

I need to use DVI input on the monitor. Because HDMI input on the monitor can handle only 1280x1024 resolution for some reason. DVI can handle 1920x1080 120hz fine, but using HDMI to DVI-D - I have no idea. But I have no way of knowing...

I guess I would RMA GPU, if anything happened, which is annoying - I bought it from other country... I will probably look at amazon to find something more expensive. There is no need to buy expensive cables, I just don't trust these cheapest ones...

EDIT: hmm from some review someone says: "This adapter only allows a resolution of 1280x800". Now I have doubts. How do I know, if a particular HDMI to DVI reduction would allow 1920x1080 120hz? Monitor input from documentation can handle 1920x1080 120hz on DVI. I Am just not sure, if you use HDMI -> DVI-D reduction, if it would work.

And this was DVI-D...
Amazon product

Thanks for help anyway.


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The link you posted to, with info about your monitor, says that it has a display port connector that handles the 1080p120 signal, so why not just buy a good quality display port cable and connect it direct to one of the display port connectors on your 3070?

Would be a lot simpler, and possibly better, than messing around with DVI dongles/converters.

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