Won't be around for a bit.....


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Well, maybe i'm being over-optimistic that anyone will notice (or care!!) but, as of later this afternoon, i will be taking a bit of a break from the Forums for a while.

Those of you who followed my rants and moans about my current job and lack of new one might be pleased to hear that this is may last day here at work (must remember to change that "in an office, bored" location on my profile...............:D ) and so consequently i will be losing my only internet access for a while.

A lazy bank holiday weekend will be followed by a week of decorating, 3 weeks on holiday in South America (Peru, Inca Trail, Galapagos Islands :clap: )and then i shall be back into a new job and hopefully new internet access at the end of September!

Missing you all already! Group hug anyone?? :eek:


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Hi Beobloke

Have an enjoyable break (not so sure bout the diy bit) :devil: but Peru sounds great!! I can highly recommend some holiday reading which is based around Peru, a book called 'The Celestine Prophecy':thumbsup:

Its a ripping yarn with lots of adventure as well as a inner look at yourself and the people around you/us! Promise you'll enjoy!!!

Good luck with your new vocation, whichever you choose:smashin:




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Enjoy the roast guinea pig:eek:


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Drd said:
Enjoy the roast guinea pig:eek:
Absolutely - i'm looking forward to that! :smashin:


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Enjoy your exotic travelling! Keep a diary. Hope the new job you come back to will stimulate the grey matter.

Mrs AutomanUK

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time to get internet access at home !!! I will give you a hug though.. come here you big softie !!! awww.. gonna miss ya !!

Have a great holiday and hurry back soon.

Cynthia 7

Have a wonderful holiday, Beobloke. It's always been a dream of mine to see (not walk!) the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu, I really envy you.

I don't envy you the decorating, but that holiday, and the Galapagos Islands, will be at the end of it. You'll whizz through it.

We'll miss you, and hope the new job is up to expectations.

la gran siete

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Have a nice break . I shall be in Argie land in Feb hopefully in time for the carnival. Not that far from Peru in fact-nW

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