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Nov 27, 2011
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Hi im wondering why the Intel Sandybridge i5-2500K is retailing at least on Amazon for a few pound more than the Core i5-3570K. Isnt the latter a better and newer CPU. I expected it to be at least a bit dearer than the 2500.
People still want the i5-2500K for one reason or another and I presume supplies are now low so prices rise?
Yeah I should imagine supply and demand is playing a good part in it. Between that and the fact intel processors hold value fairly well.
It's old, simple as that pretty much every sandy bridge chip costs more now than it did when it was released
Intel prices never plummet, also they cost more due to supply and demand and also people with certain boards can only put sandybridge in there so the price stays the same or goes up in some instances. I've seen core 2 duos and quads go for more 2nd hand than they went for retail lol!
The i5 is supplanting the i3 as a good all round cpu: see how many are getting into general purpose laptops. Also, demand will steadily fall as tablets push out other forms of computer.

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