Women; is there something wrong with their wiring?


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So..... when the Mrs goes out and buys clothes in sales for her and the two minors, buys other womanly products like lipstick and other face sh*te plus other things the darling sponges seemingly require, she is saving us money when its in the sale.... i never hear how much is spent just that I saved £500...!!!

What a lucky sod I am....

However when I drop £2,000 on the new TV and suggest that an accompanying soundbar would compliment the set up... i am wasting money.

I took the opportunity to point out that on release this TV was £5,000+ and I got it for just over 2 and the sound bar would come in at an other grand meaning we have still saved in the region of £2,000 in total..... using her methodology of money saved = cash in our pocket.

Needless to say i now have to endure the never ending journey of man, to discover what I have done wrong, why I should change my ways and grovel eternally for my inconsiderate attitude and moronic stupidity....


I thought coalminers were small? So they could get into the smaller gaps at the coal face?
i had an ex-colleague (from an ex pit village in county durham) who said back in the day that it was a mark of a success if you were short as you'd get the best jobs in the mines and earned more...personally i think he was trying to justify the fact he was short.. :D

Doug the D

My wife has many lovely traits. Her mood on being woken is not one of them. But of course, this morning she's off to the gym, so was up at 07:00, setting up her one-man-band in the kitchen, crashing about like a fudging maniac...with the kitchen door wide open :mad:

If this wouldn't be bad enough anyway, we're decorating (which she knows, as she's helping me), so our bedroom door can't be closed at the moment.

I snapped awake this morning, as it sounded almost exactly like some riot police had entered my house by bashing the kitchen door open and then decided to repeatedly ram the drawers in the dishwasher open and closed.

I stomped downstairs in a (justifiable imo) grump and said to my wife 'see that wide open door? Why not try shutting the fudger?'
She replied 'Good morning to you too!', so I reminded her that when she's woken up, she's always been unbearable. I then apologised for my outburst and she apologised for being inconsiderate.

Silver cloud though, I've told her that I get to watch her stretch off when she comes back from the gym (pervy face emoji)


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My wife told me yesterday that she thought she had a virus which was affecting her vocal cords. How I managed not to say that it hadn't stopped her rabbiting, I just don't know.

BTW, she ended up having to scoop out the foam from the dishwasher. It was like watching someone transporting candy floss.


I'm not going to read through 432 pages to see if this has already been mentioned...

Does anyone else have a missus that absolutely has to "win" when it comes to being the most tired? Whenever I've busted my balls all day on a million different tasks and then, come evening time, I dare mention how tired I'm feeling, it's like I've sounded the 4-minute warning. If she's also wrecked, she makes it sound like I've just arisen from a 12-hour power nap by comparison.


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