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Wolf Predator with paint coming off


Active Member
Just taken ownership of a new bust by Sideshow - Wolf Predator 1:1 scale bust. A beautiful piece until I noticed paint starting to flake off.





The seller is contacting the distributor monday for a replacement, but if it's sold out I would prefer a refund


Active Member
Damn man, I'm sorry to hear about the problem you've noticed. I hope your seller can source another. Before I found mine, i'd tried so many places all of which advised this item was now sold out pretty much everywhere!!

Fingers crossed everything works out for you :thumbsup:


Active Member
there are a lot of horror stories about flaking paint on the iron man 1:1 bust but this is the first wolf I've seen with it. :(
You should email sideshow and send them the pictures as well as your supplier,
it's about time sideshow sorted out their quality control. :mad:


Active Member
Is the top right tusk missing too or is it meant to be like that?

Its supposed to be like that, was from the movie (he's an old hand fighting the aliens so has some battle scars).

Sorry to hear about this, hope you get another one, I had the IronMan bust on order, but cancelled it after hearing about all the paint issues, hope this isnt an on going thing with the SS busts.:(

Always wanted a Pred bust, but thought that it would scare the stuffing out of me when i forget its there and turn the lights on :)


Active Member
The detail on that is stunning! I could live with the couple of paint issues you've pointed out, I appreciate that these are expensive and you want it to be in excellent condition though.


Active Member
nice piece but for the money i imagine you paid it should be in perfect condition, hope you get it sorted.


Looks like he has a small cancer starting there :eek:

It would be a shame to lose a great piece like this over such a small detail but I would not be happy either. If I couldn't get a replacement I would investigate getting it retouched by someone.

Obviously they have to have the skills to pay the bills but if you know someone it's the route I would go.

Freakin awesome piece mate, do what you can to keep it:thumbsup:


Active Member
It is stunning but there are cracks on the other side of his mouth which the camera does not pick up. On the pink side


Active Member
Had to open a dispute with paypal. The seller has offered me 25% discount but wanted me to close the dispute first so he could release funds.
Smelt a bit of rat so decided to ring paypal direct. They told me not close the dispute as I would not get anything.
You can't trust anybody on ebay. I don't really want to send it back I am going to sort out the little areas my self as long as I get the refund as stated in his ebay promise. It would be a bugger to send it back to France to somebody you can't trust anymore. And he is a business seller with a high score. You can't trust no one


Active Member
Hope you get this resolved, shame you had these issues.

There should be a name and shame ebay list for bad practices/sellers, but i guess that would open up a whole can of worms:)

Good luck with the dispute.


Active Member
I also have this prob.
Bit of the top of skull was off but i just coloured it in !!!
Very hard to get these in 100% perfect condition due to the way they are made


Active Member
Nothing as detailed as yours mate but as i said its almost impossible for these to be perfect.
Question is if you can live with the small flaws . . . I can.
Hope you get it sorted anyway :smashin:


Distinguished Member
I have to disagree with your comment because with the cost of the bust and limited runs they should be perfect.

Agreed, the "damage" of the flaked paint will devalue the bust, and as a collector this is not what you want, you want your items to be 'as mint', I think it's safe to assume that OP has not caused the damage and I'm rather curious as to how this could happen, possibly some trapped air or dirt on the surface pre-paint :confused:
Or maybe the damage is caused by insects or something?

With regards to "colouring in" the damaged spots, is this not going to devalue it more? I know most of us here will never want to sell any of our collection, but the day might come that you need to, or someone else who acquires it from you might want/need to...
Plus any item that is not perfect will annoy you if you know damage is there.

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