'wobble' mode doesn't seem to do anything

Last night, I braved the 'advanced' menu and turned on 'wobble'.

However, it doesn't see to do ANYTHING..

I looked at a static image, expecting it to move, but it was the same whether 'wobble' was on or off!

I don know how much to expected it to move, but from what I saw, it didn't move at all.

Has anyone else tried this feature??


It's very subtle Jon, I don't think your meant to see it move, the best way to do it though is to bring up something like your current sky channel or similar and note the position then try it 30 minutes later and I'm sure you'll find it's not in the same place.



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Originally posted by Jon Weaver
Ahha.. I see.. Its slow.. I expected it to be quick.

I will put it back on and have another play.. Cheers!

If it was that quick,you would be following the action around the screen.A tad distracting perhaps.:D
Thats what I thought, which is why I assumed that it was switched OFF as default.

I assumed that wobble made the screen noticably move, which is why it was OFF.. If you put it ON, you reduce the risk of screen burn, but put up with a moving picture.

It does beg the question that if the movement is so subtle that you can't see it, even when looking, why is it OFF as default.

I would imagine that 90% of people didn't even know the option existed and would never switch it on.


If it's anything like the screen orbiter on other plasma's I've seen it probably only moves the screen one pixel at a time in circle - something you'd have to be looking at the screen up close to see happening.

You might notice it if you were looking at a grid pattern or small text, which is why it's probably set to off by default - but you'd still have to be pretty close to the panel to see it happening!
I sat right in front of it with the Sky EPG up (which is static) and for the life of me, I can't see it move!

Its either very VERY subtle, or not actually a supported option on the Series 5!

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I just bought a Panny 5 and looked in the advanced menu to switch wobble on and I cant find the option, am i being thick or is there and engineers pass code to access it?



Jon, honestly you won't see it move if you sit in front of it. Turn it on then bring up a sky channel and bring up the channel browser by hitting OK, don't bring up the program guide. Note where the channel browser is located on the screen, now wait 30 minutes and do it again and I'm sure you'll see that it has moved.

It is supported on the 5 series, I noticed it move by using the method above.


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