"Wobble" causes picture to move all over the screen!

Jon Weaver

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Some time ago, I enabled 'wobble' but complained that I couldn't see it doing anything.

To date, I have watched only ever used the 16:9 mode!

Tonight I watched a DVD and found that it wasn't anamorphic and was forced to watch it in 'zoom' mode.

After a few minutes, I noticed that the picture was off centre and was quite near the top of the screen. After cycling through the 'aspect' back to zoom, it was back in the centre again.

But a while later, I noticed that it was now near the bottom.

Again, I cycled through the aspect and got it back.

I then studied the picture closely and you can clearly see that the picture 'jumps' 1 pixel and noted that it did this every 30 seconds.

I turned off 'wobble' and it stopped.

I actually expected wobble functio to move the picture a few pixels in each direction but leaving it such that the picture sayed roughly in the same position. But what it does is mad.. The picture actually moves several inches..

Like I said, I have never seen it do this in '16:9' mode so I am wondering if this is actually a bug in the way that 'wobble' works when in 'zoom' mode.

Joe Fernand

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Not studied the 'wobble' carefully enough to determine if it is working correctly or not in your system with your differing screen formats - but wondered why you thought it was 'mad'.

Wobble is designed to protect displays when they are being used as a digital sign board - so if it only moved the image by a pixel or two every now and again it would offer no protection.

If you have a vertical bar of colour that is say 20 pixels wide (lets say a side bar on Bloomberg) and you only shifted it by a couple of pixels right or left every now and again then you would have 16 columns of pixels that never changed there content.

Best regards


Jon Weaver

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Well, first of all, it doesn't do this in '16:9' mode.. You can still see the wobble, but it only shifts a little bit.

Whilst I understand the logic of moving the picture around to prevent burn, if it moves so much that you loose a large % off the side of the screen it seems pretty pointless.

In my case, I was watching a letterbox formatted DVD, so all that happened was that the black bars got bigger at the top and smaller at the bottom.

But say I was watching something which filled the screen, I would end up with black bars at the top, and LOADS of the picture missing at the bottom.

It might not be 'mad' but its not usable in 'zoom' mode.. I still question how/why it works differently between 16:9 and Zoom mode?


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I noticed the huge picture shift as well, As said earlier in the thread, I also think this is a feature for static displays. This is possibly the reason the PW5 i.e. domestic version is shipped with the wobble feature turned off.


Jon Weaver

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Glad its not just me.. What I find strange is that it only does this in 'zoom' mode.

Last night I studied the 16:9 mode and couldn't see ANY affect of wobble at all.

You would think that 'wobble' would work the same in all modes.

I still have it on, just in case, but when using 'zoom' mode, I have to turn it off, just because the picture moves around too much.


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I've seen it on 16x9 also. I was watching an anamophic programme when suddenly the whole picture (very noticable with an onscreen logo) dropped about an inch!! This was on the AV input. I didn't try it on the others.
Very disconcerting, I thought my Sky+ box had gone on the blink.


Jon Weaver

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Thats very strange.. I have watched 100s of hours of TV in 16:9 mode.. Infact, all my Sky and DVD viewing is in this mode..

I have NEVER seen the picture move. Not even a little.

But as soon as I stick it in 'zoom', it starts to wander around!

Wierd.. Still.. Its not a problem, as I have switched 'wobble' off as I realise that its no use to me!


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I turned the "wobble" feature on recently and didnt notice anything. Only I watched The Mask on Laserdisc the other night and had to stretch the screen (zoom mode). 10 minutes into the film the bottom border was sticking out by quite a distance, another 20 minutes later the screen had dipped revealing the top border.

Funnily enough, I never noticed the screen move, it was suddenly just like that!! (not that I was looking for it.. ;-) It was quite dramatic how far the screen had travelled and I never saw it moving!!!! But that's just me :)

So Jon, I have experienced the full effect of the "wobble" mode too!!!



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I too have seen the effects of "wobble" although I feel a more suitable term would be "quake" mode. Mine seems to shift miles off the top !!!!:eek: :eek:
It did concern me though to the point that I thought there was a fault...... When I first turned it on I did not see any effect for a week or so, then suddenly I started to experience the kind of massive screen shifts that others have all ready described. I saw it happen in all aspect modes but only on the AV ( S-Video ) input, it never occured when on component input.
My initial reaction was to turn wobble mode off but when I did this, the problem still remained :confused:
At that point I was very confused and was convinced that I had a fault.
Then I saw this thread and Jon's comments ( thanks again for an informative thread Jon ) and decided to check again....... now being a Microsoft qualified engineer I decided to go with what allways works for that, and set wobble mode to off...... then REBOOTED the screen :D and...... success no more screen shifts.
So all is calm again here.:cool:

Jon Weaver

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For me, turning of wobble was instant.. I didn't have to reboot the screen.

When its on, I could detect a very slight jump exactly every 30 seconds.. As soon as I put it to OFF and come out of the menu, the movement stops.

I am still intreaged why it only does this in 'zoom' mode.. Afterall, if the large amount of movement is intended, surely it should do this in 16:9 too.

I must admit that if you are watching a letter box signal, then it shouldn't matter.. All you are going to get it bigger/small black bars at the top/bottom.

But, if you are 'zooming' to get a full screen, they you are going to get black bars top/bottom and miss stuff off of the top/bottom.

Fortunatly, I don't use the 'zoom' feature much anyway, so for me, wobble stays on!

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