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Irvine AV Nut

Hi guys,

New poster here with a no doubt annoying question but here goes anyhow...

Are there ANY retailers in the UK either high street or online who can supply the WMV HD DVDs that MS bleat on about on their Media Player section of the M$ website?

Having splashed out on a SP46 DLP (Makro £999 + VAT) I want to be able to show it off in its crowning glory, but the limited clips available from M$ are a real pain.

I have my PC running a 6600GT hooked up to the HDMI port via DVI cable and the Audigy 2 sound card plumbed into my amp. Admittedly the results are VERY impressive but I would still love to have a full length DVD to play (either the Amazon, Stormchasers or Magic of Flight one to be more exact)

I've had a look on eBay but the supply is very limited and they are mainly Region 1.

Any help on this one would be much appreciated! :lease:
You can order from Here...


It's a german site, but in english, you can order with a Solo card to...it's around £17 for one film, including VAT, and delivery is around £6, kinda expensive, I bought Underworld yesterday and it cost me £25, so I suggest you order more than one title at a time to save on delivery...

Irvine AV Nut


Thanks for the quick reply....just about to go nuts with the credit card....I seem to have the majority of the films but who cares! This will REALLY show off the capabilities of the new boob-tube!


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