WMP11 - aaaargh, how annoying!!!!!


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Very strange this one, and highly annoying/irritating.....

I use WMP11, and after all it's little niggly faults when first using it, I have grown to really like it, and it's layout - so much so that I now use it as a library, rather than how I did before which was spend many hours organising the MY MUSIC folder to make finding and playing music easier.....

Anyway.... I recently bought a NAS drive, built in ethernet router, etc etc, which I have hooked up so that both my PC's (main one, and downstairs one) can both access the same music collection, along with the same movies, pictures etc - cos it was a pain to constantly keep syncing a seperate USB HDD to the main PC then take it back downstairs to plug into the htpc.....

So I moved all my music to the NAS drive, deleted all contents from the library's of WMP on both PC's, then set to the re-add all the files from the NAS drive.

Which worked

Apart from one small thing on the (this) main PC.....

When playing music in WMP11 on this PC, when in the NOW PLAYING interface, I used to be able to right click on any song in the playlist and there was an option to FIND IN LIBRARY. But that option has dissapeared!!!

Likewise, in the library interface, I could right click on any track, or the album link for the tracks, and select "FIND ALBUM INFO" which would then open a window for WMP Metaservices and I could select all the correct album info and artwork, and it would sort it out. Again this option is just not there anymore!!!!!!

Why? How do I get these options back? W-T-F?!?!?!

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