WMA 5.1 to av receiver?


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any ideas how to get a WMV file encoded with 5.1 WMA sound to pass to my av receiver as 5.1
what is your source xbox 360 or PC?

Via PC..

-Using 5.1 analogue output of soundcard to 5.1 analogue in on amp

-Using a software wmatoac3 transcoder to pass 5.1wma out as 5.1ac3 using spdif connection from soundcard to amp...eg AC3FILTER

-Using a soundcard with a dolby digtal encoder to convert 5.1 wma to 5.1 ac3 and pass out out via spdif...eg Dolby Digital Live/DTS Connect soundcard

-Using a Pioneer Amp which supports WMA 9 Pro and outputting from soundcard spdif to amp spdif input

Via Xbox 360

-360 automatically outputs 5.1 wma as 5.1ac3 via spdif, but if you prefer to listen to it as true WMA, then get a pioneer amp which can decode wma 9 pro and enable that setting on the xbox 360


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im using a PC.

i have an audogy 2 ZS, can this cope with the job?that is the dolby digital live/dts connect?


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will the analogue sound better than SPDIF over coaxial?

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