Wits end with SKY


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After a two hour new customer install (2 boxes as well) I finally have a SKY HD Box fitted. No viewing card yet, so can't watch any HD channel except BBC HD, nor can I use the PVR facility, also no remote.

Have tried ringing sky, just can't get through within a reasonable amount of time. Does anybody know when my subscription charges will start to apply, i.e. right not, or, when I paid the viewing card to the BOX.

Finally, If it does turn out that the charges don't apply until I pair the card, I havea good mind right now to never ever pair the card. If I chose not to pair the card am I correct that I will never ever have to pay SKY anymore money at, e.g. dont have to ever pay the £15 for 2 mixes and the £10 HD

Many many thanks

Your frustrated


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