Withnail & I for £1.99


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....at the WHSmith 'Wow' sale (not on the web, but in its store in Romford). I didn't really see any other dvd offers at this low price, and couldn't see the fawlty towers for a tenner as advertised on another thread.

if you're still into vhs videos, then there are some bargains, all the blackadders for £4 each I think, and a lot of old bbc series quite cheap (schama's history series, dr who, life of mammals and others)


Yeah, everything that the guy mentioned on another thread only existed in VHS.

The Fawlty Towers for £9.99 was PER SERIES.

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No, Fawlty Towers is complete series 1 & 2 boxset for £9.99 - or at least it is in the Worthing store


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I have just picked up "My Little Eye" double disc dvd for 99p in the Newcastle store!!!

Great film, already had the single (ex rental) disc version, but I figured for 99p I should get the double disc aswell.

They also had 51st State at 99p and some rugby and Celtic dvds too.


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